In the special offers section, you will find our latest offers on activities, tasting events, wines and products for sale in our online shop.

Special offers are limited in time, at the end of which the product will be available at normal price and in any case it will no longer be possible to apply the promotional offer.

At this moment our special offer is on: “AMARONE DELLA VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO DOCG, 2013, CANTINA TOMMASI” which you can buy here at an EXCEPTIONAL price !!


Just click on the image below and open the shop page of Amarone Tommasi.

Then, “add to cart” (aggiungi al carrello) the number of amarone bottles you want to buy.

After that click on “view cart” (visualizza carrello), or go to the page by selecting “cart” (carrello) from the top sections.

Before completing the purchase, add the PROMO CODE: I_LOVE_AMARONE_2019 in the lower left area to click on “APPLY COUPON”.

Therefore, enter the PROMO CODE: I_LOVE_AMARONE_2019

In this way a promotional discount of 10 EURO will be applied to each bottle of “Amarone Tommasi” you will purchase.

Well understood, the discount is valid for each bottle you will buy. For instance: on 10 bottles you will save 100 euros!


PLEASE NOTE, for the product “Amarone della Valpolicella classic DOCG, 2013, Tommasi cellar”, we have a LIMITED AVAILABILITY OF ONLY 20 BOTTLES therefore,


CLICK on the image below and buy your favorite wine at an EXCEPTIONAL PRICE.

In the section special offers you wil find many discount and promotions for wines, products and events!
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